Glenelg Engineering Co. was engaged by Viva Energy Aust. and Flinders Ports to upgrade the fuel handling facilities of M-Berth located in the Inner Harbour, Port Adelaide.

Two 10″ Kanon Marine Loading Arm were selected by Viva Energy Aust. to replace the existing loading arms that had been in service for over 20 years. I was decided that along with the loading arms all valves and pipe lines would be replaced at the same time. This added a great deal of difficulty to the work as only a very short time frame could be allotted to the project as the berth was critical infrastructure handling fuels, bitumen & acid for multiple stakeholders.

Seven days to complete the removal of existing loading arms and pipe work and then install two new arms, pipework and tie into the two 12″ shorelines supplying fuels to Mobil, Shell & BP.

Glenelg Engineering Co. successfully completed all work required in the allotted 7 day window, handing over fully functioning loading arms connected into the shorelines supplying the nearby fuel terminals.

A very successful outcome for all stakeholders, with minimal disruption and the benefit of modern marine loading arms ensuring the reliable supply of fuels to the nearby terminals.